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Ketua Program Studi            : Dr. Tettet Fitrijanti, SE., M.Si., Ak

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Magister Akuntansi Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis Universitas Padjadjaran menawarkan kualitas pendidikan jenjang master dengan standar kualitas tinggi. Dengan reputasi pendidikan di bawah institusi Universitas Padjadjaran, yang merupakan Universitas Negeri ternama di Indonesia, program Magister Akuntansi UNPAD menerapkan pengajaran berbasis pengedepanan kualitas pendidikan.

Tenaga pengajar berlatar belakang akademisi dan praktisi, program Magister Akuntansi berupaya menjaga keseimbangan kualitas pendidikan secara proporsional antara praktik dan teoritis. Di harapkan, lulusan mahasiswa Magister Akuntansi akan menjadi sarjana strata 2 di bidang akuntansi dengan pemahaman konsep secara mumpuni di tunjang dengan pemahaman praktik yang memadai.



Become an excellence master degree in accounting with high reputation in accomplishment education in 2026



  1. Developing graduates who are competent in the field of accounting in accordance to the worldwide demands of professional accountants
  2. Improving the competence and commitment of the academic staffs and students to play an active role in the development of applied accounting knowledge and technology in a national and Asia Pacific level
  3. Organizing internationally competitive higher education that is able to access the world’s demands of human resources in accounting
  4. Organizing higher education management with qualities in accordance to the principles of good governance to improve the reputation and the trust of stakeholders





In accordance with the vision, mission and goals of the Faculty of Economics, the purposes of Master of Accounting Program are:

  1. To prepare and improve the quality of professionals in the field of accounting who are competent & ethic in the local, national and international perspective.
  2. To support education and development of professional accountants in applied accounting science which is recognized at local, national and international levels.
  3. To implement good governance in higher education management, contribute in building good education management, and at the same time gain public trust.
  4. To make a significant contribution in problem solving, either within the government and other not for profit organization, corporation, or among professional, by developing of accountant professional human resources locally, nationally and internationally
  5. Organizing an education to prepare and improve the quality of professionals in the field of accounting who are ethical, reliable, with local, national and international perspective
  6. Enhancing the ability of graduates to apply and develop the science and or practice of accounting
  7. Creating an academic climate for the establishment of academic
  8. Being one of a national reference for accounting education
  9. Conducting research to support education and development of accounting science
  10. Gaining recognition of knowledge in the field of accounting at the local, national and international levels