Welcome to Faculty of Economics Universitas Padjadjaran

The Faculty of Economics, Universitas Padjadjaran was established based on Government Regulation number 37 dated 18 September 1957 regarding the establishment of Universitas Padjadjaran. This regulation came into effect on September 11, 1957. The Faculty of Economics of Universitas Padjadjaran originated from Universitas Merdeka under the auspices of the Bandung Universitas Merdeka Foundation which was founded in 1952, which in its development became Univerisitas Padjadjaran in 1957.

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FEB's International Undergraduate Program

International Undergraduate Program (IUP) is a study program that offers students international engagement.
In IUP, students are exposed to various international activities such as double degree and international exchange programs. as well as short courses and international internships.

IUP FEB’s Partners
Northern Illinois University, USA
Y Schools (ex-Groupe ESC Troyes), France
IMI International Management Institute, Switzerland
HSB Hoschule Breman, Germany
Sungkyunkwan University, South Korea
University Malaysia Trengganu, Malaysia
National University of Singapore (NUS), Singapore
University Sains Malaysia, Malaysia
Ajou University, South Korea
Universitat de Barcelona, Spain
Naresuan University, Thailand
La Rochele University, France