The Faculty of Economics and Business has several campuses for lectures and administration.

Dipati Ukur 35 Bandung
LEAD Jatinangor
Dipati Ukur 46 Bandung
Cimandiri 8-6 Bandung

Online Course

To support hybrid lectures (online and offline), the Faculty of Economics and Business has several studios that are used to conduct online or hybrid lectures. And also Computer labs that can be used for hybrid purposes.


Academic and Administrative Service Information System

FEB Unpad runs an academic information management system that is run online and centrally at the University, making it easier for the academic community to access information wherever they are. One of them is the Integrated Academic Information System – SIAT (http://students.unpad.ac.id)


Reading Rooms

FEB also has many kind of books that can be read by students during their idle times. And FEB also has rooms where students can read those books comfortably.

Students Center

As an academic institution, FEB also facilitates students to get involved in various communities, so they can easily interact in societies in their future life.