Faculty of Economics and Business

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Faculty of Economics and Business

Bachelor of Islamic Economics

Welcoming Words from Head of the Program

“Welcome to the Islamic Economics Program. This program will encourage students to improve their skills according to the intended study program”


Cupian, SE.MT .,Ph.D

Head of Islamic Economics Program, Faculty of Economics and Business, Padjadjaran University

Program Description

The Islamic Economics Study Program at the Faculty of Economics and Business, Padjadjaran University is new and was held based on the Decree of the Minister of Education and Culture Number 309/E/O/2014 dated August 12, 2014. This study program is carried out at the undergraduate level (S1) with 145 credits with three concentrations are offered, namely: Concentration of Islamic Banking, Concentration of Islamic Accounting, and Concentration of Islamic Development Economics.


The Islamic Economics Study Program at FEB Unpad is the development of various Islamic economic activities in the form of research, seminars, workshops, and teaching in Islamic economics lectures and concentration on sharia management.


These activities are organized by the Center for Islamic Economics and Business Studies, FEB Unpad, and also by the Study Programs at FEB Unpad, namely the Economics and Development Studies, Accounting and Management Study Programs. The economic learning process is on understanding and mastering the landscape of Islamic knowledge and business with 80% discussion on the basic concepts of Islamic economics and business and 20% introduction to Islamic economics and business methodologies.

Graduate Prospect

Graduates of the S1 Islamic Economics Program can become:

  • Islamic Economics and Finance Analysts and Researchers
  • Practitioners of Commercial Islamic Financial Institutions and Social Entrepreneurship
  • Financial Services Authority
  • Islamic Bank
  • Startup
  • Islamic Economist and Consultant
  • civil servant
  • Lecturer

TitleAcademic Credit
Core Module
Semester 1
Bahasa Arab2
Pengantar Ilmu Ekoomi Mikro3
Pengantar Matematika Ekonomi Bisnis3
Semester 2
Bahasa Arab untuk Bisnis3
Sejarah peradaban Islam3
Pengantar Ilmu Ekonomi Makro3
Pengantar Akutansi3
Fiqih Muamalah3
Pengantar Statistika Ekonomi3
Teori Ekonomi Mikro Islam3

TitleAcademic Credit
Core Module
Semester 3
Ekonomi Islam3
Ushul Fiqih3
Teori Ekonomi Makro Islam3
Statistika Ekonomi dan Bisnis3
Manajemen dan Kewirausaahaan Islam3
Sejarah Pemikiran Ekonomi Islam3
Semester 4
Akutansi Perbankan Islam3
Ziswaf dan Lembaga Filantropi Islam3
Pengantar Ekonometrika3
Manajemen Keuangan Islam3
Bhasa Arab untuk Bisnis Lanjutan3
1 (satu) Mata Kuliah Pilihan3
Sistem Infomasi Manajemen3
Teori Keuangan dan Investasi Syariah3
Ekonomi Moneter dalam Perspektif Islam3

TitleAcademic Credit
Core Module
Semester 5
Pandangan Hidup Islam3
Institusi Keuangan Non Bank Islam3
Manajemen Perbankan Islam3
Akutansi Biaya3
Manajemen Sumber Daya Insani3
1 (satu) Mata Kuliah Pilihan3
Bisnis Digital Syariah3
Manajemen Pemasaran dalam Perspektif Islam3
Ekonomi Keuangan Islam3
Semester 6
Perdaganga Internasional dalam Perspektif Islam3
Metodologi Penelitian3
2 Mata Kuliah Bebas6
Teori Akutansi Syariah
Audit Akutansi Syariah
Analisis Pasar Modal Syariah
3 (Tiga Mta Kuliah Konsentrasi3
Konsentrasi Manajemen Keuangan Islam9
Manajemen Pembiayaan Lembaga Keuangan islam3
Manajemen Keuangan dan Keuangan Internasional3
Manajemen Resiko Lembaga Keuangan Islam3
Konsentrasi Ekonomi Pembangunan Islam9
Ekonomi Regulasi3
Ekonomi Publik Islam3
Ekonomi Pembangunan Islam3

Core Module
Semester 7
Evaluasi Proyek3
Manajemen Strategis Dalam Perspektif Islam3
Perekonomian Indonesia3
Bisnis dan Keuangan Mikro Islam3
1 (satu) Mata Kuliah Konsentrasi3
Seminar Keuangan dan Perbankan Syaria3
Seminar Ekonomi Islam (KEI)3
Semester 8



In SNBP, students are assessed based on their academic performance, participation in extracurricular activities, achievements in competitions, and other factors during High School.


The selection process for SNBT is based on the results of a standardized test that assesses students' knowledge and skills in various subjects.


SMUP Unpad requires students to take an academic potential test (Ujian Potensi Akademik or UPA) and a specific knowledge test in the chosen study program.


Alpha Building 1st Floor, Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Padjadjaran Jl. Raya Bandung Sumedang Km 21, Jatinangor, Sumedang City, West Java

+62 22 250 9055