Faculty of Economics and Business

Faculty of Economics and Business

Master of Accounting

Welcoming Words from Head of the Program

“Welcome to the Master of Accounting Program. This program will encourage students to improve their skills according to the intended study program”


Dr. MM. Nanny Dewi Tanzil, SE., M.Comm,Ak

Head of Master of Accounting, Faculty of Economics and Business, Padjadjaran University

Program Description

The Master of Accounting Program, Faculty of Economics and Business, Padjadjaran University, which has been established since 2000, has competence in producing skilled graduates and experts in the fields of accounting, auditing and financial supervision. Until now, the Master of Accounting Program of FEB Unpad has produced graduates / alumni spread across various sectors related to the fields of accounting and auditing, both the private and government sectors.


The current phenomenon shows the high demands for good organizational financial management, not only focused on the corporate sector but also on the public sector or government. The change in the paradigm of organization and governance management with a new public management approach has far-reaching implications for managing the public sector that is more economical, effective, and efficient. Public sector governance is required to be better (good government governance). 

Master of Accounting Study Program, Faculty of Economics and Business, Padjadjaran University is one of the Strata 2 level study programs at the Faculty of Economics, Padjadjaran University. The Faculty of Economics, Padjadjaran University was established based on the Rector’s Decree no. 860 / J06 / Kep / KP / 2001 concerning the Opening of the Master of Accounting Program for the Postgraduate Program at Padjadjaran University, dated September 5, 2001. The legalization of the existence of the Master of Accounting Study Program as one of the study programs at the Faculty of Economics, Padjadjaran University is stated in the Permit Extension Letter no. 5837 / D / T / K-N / 2011 dated March 14, 2011. The accreditation status of the Master of Accounting Study Program is currently A based on BAN certification Number: 1065/SK/BAN-PT/Ak-PPJ/M/II/2021.


Become an excellence master degree in accounting with high reputation and Internationally
recognized in 2026


Graduate Prospect

Masters in Accounting graduates are able to master and develop accounting knowledge, accounting knowledge in professional practice and other disciplines through research with an inter or multidisciplinary approach that is beneficial to society and science.

The role of Master of Accounting Graduates in the community:

  1. Accounting Manager
  2. Accounting Consultant
  3. Audit Manager
  4. Educator Accountant
  5. Accounting Research
  6. and other roles

First Semester
Seminar on Financial Accounting3 Credits
Seminar on Management Accounting3 Credits
Auditing Seminar3 Credits
Accounting Information System Seminar3 Credits
Accounting Research Methodology3 Credits
Total15 Credits

Internal Audit Seminar3 Credits
Audit Information System Seminar3 Credits
Forensic Accounting and Investigative3 Credits
Public Sector Audit3 Credits
Current Issues in Audit3 Credits
15 Credits
Accounting Taxation
Tax Planning Strategy3 Credits
Theory and Implementation of Taxation3 Credits
International Taxation and Tax Treaty3 Credits
Tax Investigations, Inspections and Collection3 Credits
Special Topics in Taxation Accounting3 Credits
15 Credits
Governmental Accounting
Governmental Accounting 3 Credits
Seminar on Public Sector Accounting3 Credits
Governmental Financial Management System3 Credits
Government Governance and Risk Management 3 Credits
Public Sector Audit3 Credits
15 Credits
Islamic Accounting
Islamic Financial Accounting3 Credits
Accounting for Islamic Banking3 Credits
Islamic Economic and Finance3 Credits
Special Topics in Islamic Accounting3 Credits
Ethic dan Governance for Islamic Financial Institution3 Credits
15 Credits
Management Accounting
Behavior Aspect in Accounting3 Credits
Accounting for Decision Making3 Credits
Strategic Management Accounting Seminar3 Credits
Management Control System Seminar3 Credits
Special Topics in Strategic Management Seminar 3 Credits
15 Credits
Financial Accounting
Corporate Reporting3 Credits
Financial Management and Valuation Techniques3 Credits
Business Analysis Based on Financial Statement3 Credits
Governance and Integrated Risk Management 3 Credits
Contemporary Issues in Accounting Research3 Credits
15 Credits
Accounting Information System
Enterprise System3 Credits
Financial Technology3 Credits
System Development and Governance3 Credits
Business Intellegence3 Credits
Analytics for Accounting3 Credits
15 Credits

Third Semester
Scienctific Writing2 Credits
Thesis Proposal 2 Credits
Total4 Credits

Fourth Semester
Thesis 6 Credits
Total6 Credits




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