Faculty of Economics and Business

Faculty Economics and Business

Undergraduate Programs

S1 Management

Encourage competitive advantage through strengthening industry engagement.

S1 Digital Business

Focuses on learning about business by utilizing digital technology to create graduates who can play a leading role in the era of digital business.

S1 Accounting

The program aims to produce graduates who have the knowledge, skills and attitudes as professionals in the accounting field.

S1 International Business

Emphasizing 70% practice and 30% theory to has graduates who have entrepreneurial abilities and become trend setters in the global business scene.

S1 Economics

Mastery program on basic economic concepts, mastery of data, ability to analyze and predict economic trends that rely on a quantitative approach.

S1 Islamic Economics

Program of various Islamic economic research and teaching as well as sharia management concentration.

D4 Tax Accounting

Program that includes 60% practice 40% theory and concepts with the application of the Student Centered Learning method.

D4 Public Sector Accounting

Comprehend an emphasis on auditing and accounting systems aimed at management control and accountability.

D4 Digital Marketing

The program Combining creative communication skills and technical ability to manage an organization's online marketing.